Sawdon Pines Golf Club is set in open countryside overlooking the Vale of Pickering in between Scarborough and Pickering. This 9 hole 1805 yard golf course is open to all ages and all abilities. We offer a family friendly, relaxed and safe environment but have maintained a degree of difficulty for the more experienced golfer. It is a golf course for everybody.


Sawdon Pines lives up to its name... around the park the most common obstable that you face is pine and conifer trees.  Many of the holes have trees either side of the fairway. Our unique 8th Hole is actually set in amongst the trees - accuracy is the aim of the game for that one.


  • Golf clubs are available to borrow free of charge from the clubhouse.

  • Casual dress code | Usual golf etiquette applies



1st Hole

204 yards | Par 3

Teeing off from the left of the 9th Green, this is a straight fairway to the green.  The hole is to the right of the green. Watch out for the bunkers in front though... and if you hook it left from the tee then the farmer next door gets a free ball!!

2nd Hole

146 yards | Par 3

A lovely hole. Your tee shot will take you over the quarry in front and up the slope towards the green. Please follow the hedge line to the left of the fairway. More bunkers around the green to avoid.


Watch out for other users teeing for the 3rd hole.

3rd Hole

182 yards | Par 3

Before teeing off look out at the tremendous view - on a clear day you can see all the way to the coast.


Teeing off back down the slope you will find the green on the far side of the valley. No bunkers on this one... yet!!

4th Hole

125 yards | Par 3

This narrow fairway leads you up the slope in between the trees towards a large green at the top of the hill. You can not see the green until you get there!!

5th Hole

219 yards | Par 4

The first of the par 4 holes. Tee off left to right across the fairway and the green is just before the tree line.


Please watch for fellow golfers emerging from the trees from Hole 8.

6th Hole

248 yards | Par 4

A straight par 4 down to the bottom of the course. Watch out for the bunkers surrounding the green. 

7th Hole

200 yards | Par 4

The Dog Leg!! Not such a long hole but you it takes 2 to reach the green. Or do you think you can get the ball up and over some very large trees?? Its decision time.

8th Hole

130 yards | Par 3

The unique 8th hole can be found in the triangle of trees. It may only be 160 yards but you can not see the green from the tee... over hit the tee and you are in the trees, go left and you are in the trees, go right and you are in the trees. I think you get the idea!!


Follow the exit signs to Tee 9. Please take caution when exiting the tree line.

9th Hole

351 yards | Par 4

The longest hole on the course takes you straight down a narrow fairway back towards the clubhouse. Watch out for the bunkers near the green.


Sorry... no 19th hole!!

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